The Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail run by SAFCOL is essentially a 4 day 3 night trail. It can be longer or shorter. It is not a difficult hike, many thousands of people have completed the hike over the years. Our slackpacking service allows you to do the Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail carrying a daypack knowing that at the end of the day you will be able to indulge in cold refreshments and a braai. We meet at Woodbush, De Hoek or Broederstroom huts. These are the only huts where you can park your vehicles. We will transfer your trailer or our trailer from hut to hut. We can only transfer what can fit into the trailer

Why not spend the night before or after your hike at Magoebaskloof Birders Cottages

Option 1  The cost is R650  per day. 

This applies to  groups who supply their own trailer. The trailer cannot be bigger than a 6ft Venter type trailer. This is due to the difficult access roads and that there is only the driver to unhook and maneuver the trailer. The already packed and locked trailer is hooked up at about 8am and delivered directly to the next hut. We repeat the procedure the next morning.

Option 2 The cost is R750 per day.

We will supply a 6ft Venter Trailer. The trailers internal dimension are 180cmin length x 100cm width x 50cm height. Once the trailer is packed, we lock the trailer, you get the key, and the trailer is delivered directly to the next hut.

Please contact Mark on 084 402 3709

We are unable to do bookings for the Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail for you. It is best to book via email: