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Slack Packing the Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail


We offer the following service.

Option 1  The cost is R100 per hiker per day 

This applies to small groups of up to 8 hikers who bring a cool box a food trunk and a utensil trunk. Clothes and sleeping gear must fit into soft overnight bags.  We use a 6ft Venter trailer.   We lock the packed trailer, give you the key, and take the trailer directly to the next hut. We repeat the procedure the next morning.

We meet at Woodbush, De Hoek or Broederstroom huts. These are the only huts where you can park your vehicles.

Option 2  The cost is R150 per hiker per day.

This applies to large groups of about 10 hikers or more who require a few cool boxes, food trunks and utensil trunks.  The kit gets packed into our Land Rover Pickup. The kit is then delivered to the next hut in the afternoon at a prearranged time. This entails two trips per day. 

We meet at Woodbush, De Hoek or Broederstroom huts.  

The minimum charge for both options is R700/day. 

Please contact Mark (0844023709) 

We are unable to do bookings for you. It is best to book via email.


Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail Map