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Slack Packing the Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail

We offer the following service.

Option 1

We will pick up your gear at any of the 6 trail huts at 7 in the morning. We use a 6ft Venter Trailer which can take the gear of up to 10 hikers if bags half the size of hiking backpacks are used. Hiking utensils and hiking food will also be carried in the trailer. We lock the trailer give you the key and take the trailer directly to the next hut. We repeat the procedure the next morning.

Option 2

Some groups require a few cool boxes for meat, fresh vegetables and cold drinks. They also take pots and pans. If the group is big our trailer will only be able to take the food and drinks. Hikers will have to carry their bags.

If the group is about 5 strong we will be able to take cool boxes and bags.

We cannot take a big trailer because of the condition of the road and the available parking spaces at some of the huts.

 If any member of your party decides not to complete the hike we can take the hiker directly to the next trail hut.

We charge R100/day/hiker. The minimum charge is R700/day. Depending on how much gear you have the maximum number of hikers will be about 10 people. This is negotiable.

Please contact Mark (0844023709) 

We are unable to do bookings for you. It is best to book via email.

Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail Map