Magoebaskloof Birders' Cottages

Magoebaskloof Accommodation. Self catering                         

The coordinates to use for the turn off from the R71 to Magoebaskloof Cottages are:       

23.86667 S    30.0075 E


Coming from Gauteng via Polokwane.

Look out for the Tzaneen R71  road before you get into Polokwane.  It goes off left and then crosses over the N1 moving east. Once you get up into the "mountain" look out for the small green signs with yellow lettering at each turn off.  This will help you count down to our farm road A46   (to the right).

You will find it

  • after the Magoebaskloof Hotel.
  • after the Magoebaskloof Lodge/Ruskamp.
  • opposite the Magoebaskloof Farm Stall halfway down the pass.
  • the turn off has a sign saying A46 and a large Warriors billboard.
  • get into middle lane, use the yellow lines

 Coming from the Tzaneen or Duiwelskloof/Modjadjikloof


The R36 links Tzaneen to Duiwelskloof/Modjadjikloof.  The R36 and R71 coincide for this stretch.

From The R36/R71 take the R71, Polokwane via Magoebaskloof road .

(Take care to NOT take the R528 road to Polokwane) 

Pass the Magoebaskloof Mini-stadt at the bottom of the pass.

Our farm road is numbered A46 (to the left)  opposite

the Magoebaskloof Farm Stall look for a large Warriors sign.


Properties along the A46 farm road are marked with green  and yellow signs. Keep following the A46.5 directions arrows .

A46.5 refers to our particular property.

Please do not approach the owner of A46.3.

Robin Cottage

When you get to the A46.5 sign and “cottage” sign, Robin Cottage is visible to your right and just above the road. Continue along the road, at the concrete strips turn right at the “Robin”sign which will take you to the parking area behind the cottage. If the grass is wet go past the turnoff and reverse back into the driveway.

Trogon Cottage

When you get to the A46.5 and “cottage” sign, continue along the road, at the concrete strips the “Trogon” sign indicates that you go straight and then turn right at the T junction.  Continue along the road until you see Trogon Cottage. Take the slip off to the left. Park either at the base of the long stairs or higher up at the shorter stairs.

NB We supply a basic amount of firewood for the fireplaces. Additional firewood and charcoal can be purchased.  Please bring torches. Booking in time 2pm. Booking Out 10am. We can be flexible on these times depending on other guests. Please contact us to negotiate suitable times.